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Welcome to your health and wellbeing blog

Here, you will find a wealth of information on health and wellbeing for you and your family. Whether you are planning a move to Dubai or you are already living in Dubai, you will find a range of articles on health, insurance insights, expat stories and local insights.

Health, Income & Protection

Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to know

The coronavirus outbreak is spreading quickly in China and beyond, and the World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic.



How much does medical treatment cost away from home?

Could you afford any of the examples below if you did not have international health, life or income protection in place?



Introducing Flex: our new flexible health insurance plan

Flex is a progressive new health product from Dubai insurance company, created by William Russell – the expat experts. Designed for Dubai-based corporate groups of three or more employees, Flex gives you the freedom to choose the cover you need within your budget.


Dubai City Guides

Moving to Dubai: a checklist

A sprawling desert city crowned with gleaming high-rises, the modern city of Dubai symbolises middle-eastern ambition. With its modern foundations built upon the dried-out riverbed of a tiny fishing village, Dubai is a hive of innovation, diversity and opportunity and, with its beautiful sandy coastline, is an attractive location for a global community of expats.


Health, Top Picks

Managing a Long-Term Medical Condition

Having a chronic condition shouldn’t stand in your way of pursuing a life overseas. But what research should you do before you leave and what questions need to be asked?

William-russell-insurance for expats

Expat Stories, Health, Top Picks

How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Health?

How important is it to stay active as we age and what kind of activity brings the most benefits?



Antibiotics resistance: what you need to know

Many countries have strict rules governing the use of antibiotics. In the UK, Europe and US, they will only be prescribed if a doctor is confident the cause of an illness is bacterial and not caused by a virus or other pathogen. However, not all countries are so vigilant.


Dubai City Guides

Dubai culture and lifestyle: what to expect

Modern Dubai is a multicultural and diverse city, that has developed rapidly since its origins as a fishing and trading port in the early 1900s.


Dubai City Guides

Is it possible to have a healthy diet in Dubai?

Food has become a hot topic across the UAE in recent years, although not always for the right reasons. The country’s love of fast food and rich ingredients has led to a sharp rise in obesity and associated illnesses. Today, things are changing, with healthy eating fast becoming a growing trend.


Dubai City Guides

How to stay healthy in Dubai

Dubai offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy a high-end lifestyle that many people can only dream of, but it also has its own unique set of challenges that call for greater levels of awareness about health and wellbeing.


Dubai City Guides

Dubai: a global medical tourism destination

Throughout history, people have sought cures and better health by travelling abroad. Whether to visit the healing waters of a natural spa.


Dubai City Guides

Get to know Dubai’s healthcare system

Understanding how to access quality healthcare is an important factor when relocating abroad. For anyone considering Dubai, the good news is that the city not only offers a high standard of medical care in state-of-the art facilities, but that improving residents’ health and wellbeing is also a government priority1

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