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Welcome to your health and wellbeing blog

Here, you will find a wealth of information on health and wellbeing for you and your family. Whether you are planning a move to Dubai or you are already living in Dubai, you will find a range of articles on health, insurance insights, expat stories and local insights.
Top tips for good mental health

Dubai City Guides

Top tips for good mental health as an expat

While it’s easy to picture the excitement of being somewhere new, the reality can be very different. As an expat, you might face problems that you may not have previously encountered, and which could affect your mental health.


Dubai City Guides

How are you protecting tomorrow, today?

We know what it’s like – the feeling you get when you live life in a new country.

There’s so much to take in. The view from your bedroom window, the sounds coming from the street below, the colours, the tastes, the smells.


Health Tips

What you need to know about MERS

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a relatively new respiratory illness that was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Caused by a novel coronavirus (MERS-CoV), there have since been reports of a MERS outbreak in over 21 other countries such as China, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


Health, Health Tips

Why it’s time to take action on heart disease

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that heart diseases are the top cause of death around the world. But if you’re an expat, are you more at risk?

Vitamin D deficiency in Dubai

Health, Local Insights

Vitamin D deficiency in Dubai

Despite enjoying virtually all-year-round sunshine, the UAE has one of the highest levels of vitamin D deficiency in the world, with one Dubai-based study indicating that 8 out of 10 people had insufficient levels.



Living with asthma and COPD

Any sort of change in weather, be it a spike in temperature, a dust storm or a thunderstorm, could trigger an asthma attack for some of the world’s 235 million sufferers. It’s essential to know the triggers and some of the ways to minimise symptoms.


Insurance Insights, Top Picks

What is driving up the cost of global healthcare?

According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2017 Global Medical Trends Survey Report, the trend in average global medical investments went up 7.8% in 2017 and most countries expect it to continue to rise between 2.4 and 7.5% a year until 2020.


Insurance Insights, Top Picks

Take care of your family’s tomorrow, today

Help protect your family financially if something happens to you.


Health Tips, Local Insights

Ebola in Africa: what expats need to know

Dr Peter Salama, Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme which coordinates outbreak responses, remarked that we have “learnt never, ever to underestimate the Ebola virus disease and we will be remaining vigilant.”

Tired all the time? How to get better sleep

Health Tips, Top Picks

Tired all the time? How to get better sleep

Sleep deprivation is a key global issue that is having a particular impact in east Asian cities.


Expat Stories, Local Advice, Local Insights, Top Picks

How to relocate as an expat with children

We meet three expats who moved abroad and brought their kids with them. They share the challenges they faced and what they have learned.


Dubai City Guides, Local Advice, Top Picks

Health tips for Ramadan

Preparation is the key to maintaining a healthy mind and body during the Muslim fast

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